Discovery Licensing Clinic

30 November 2012, London

Time – 1030 till 1530 Location – Maughan Library, King’s College London, Chancery Lane, London WC2A 1LR

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The Discovery Licensing Clinic is designed for 15 delegates to consider practical responses to the Discovery open licensing principles. It will offer the opportunity to demystify licensing options, to consider their differing purposes, and to discuss the range of tactics that institutions might adopt in scoping metadata releases and making the associated licensing decisions. There will be a practical focus throughout the day on identifying and addressing key issues in real service settings, leading to the development of feasible action plans.

Who should attend – Managers and decision makers in libraries, archives and museums who are responsible for collections and discovery services or interested in establishing the foundations for future service developments. The focus will be on the Higher Education Sector and curators of scholarly resources.

Approach – Working round the table, the Clinic will undertake a step-by-step analysis, hopefully enabling you to come away with a feasible action plan

  • What objectives are institutions and services seeking to address?
  • What dataset(s) could be the candidate for open release?
  • What are the licensing and data release options?
  • What first time and ongoing effort is involved?
  • What options will work for our various situations?
  • What would a practical robust plan look like?

Your queries and examples - Delegates are encouraged to bring any materials for discussion or guidance, which can be covered in open sessions or in one-to-one dialogue with the experts present.


The event will be facilitated by David Kay and Owen Stephens from the Discovery project. The expert contributors will be Francis Davey (Barrister), Naomi Korn (Copyright Consultant) and Patricia Methven (Director of Archives at King’s College London).

1030 – Refreshments

1100 - Introductions – David Kay (Facilitator)

This will include a 1-minute opportunity for everyone to introduce themselves round the table, indicating why they are attending by highlighting a key question or decision they are facing.

1125 - Opportunities & Challenges – institutional and sector perspectives and wider trends introduced by Patricia Methven and Owen Stephens

1155 – Clinic Session - Motivations & Scoping – Chaired by David Kay

  • Why open?
  • Why would my institution do it?
  • What might others wish to do with my data? (And do I care?)
  • What records would I license and what data in those records?
  • What release channels could help? (e.g. aggregators)

1235 – A Legal Response – Francis Davey (Barrister)

1300 – Lunch and a chance to chat with our experts

1340 – Realistic Licensing Options – Naomi Korn (Copyright Consultant)

1410 – Clinic Session – Chaired by Owen Stephens

  • Choosing the right licence
  • Assessing and mitigating risk
  • ‘Writing’ and publicising your licence
  • Making the data available
  • Satisfying ongoing responsibilities

1450 – Action Planning Discussion Groups - assisted by a checklist based on the steps highlighted in the clinic sessions

1515 – Feedback & Conclusions

1530 – Close

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