Open Bibliography Workshop

On May 6th at the London Knowledge Lab, the JISC Open Bibliography project held a workshop on open bibliographic data. Discussion and debate during the day ranged over both technical and strategic issues, including:

  • The need for stable identifiers to refer to data (such as the BNB data released by the British Library[1])
  • Mechanisms for keeping data sets up to date (such as the incremental data releases from PubMed)
  • Approaches to exposing RDF data in a simpler JSON format
  • The cost of sustaining the current data sets hosted in Bibliographica[2].

In the afternoon the workshop looked at the latest data release obtained by the project (over 19 million records from PubMed), as well as discussing the possibilities and practicalities of machine-based disambiguation and 'sameness' between records.

A full report on the workshop, as well as further information about Open Bibliography is available from

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