Phase 1 Discovery Projects

This programme of 8 projects was funded by JISC from March to August 2011 to begin to address the challenges to be overcome at institutional level to realise the Discovery vision. The eight projects are focused on making metadata about library, museum and archive collections openly available using standards and licensing that enable reuse. Further details are to be found in the JISC programme description.

The Discovery team has produced two suites of synthesis documents, drawing on each project for findings and lessons learned of interest to practitioners, developers, managers and vendors.The work of the 8 projects below is currently being built upon by the projects within the second phase of this programme.

Individual Project Reviews

Library projects:

COMET - Cambridge
Jerome - Lincoln

Archive Projects

Discovering Babel - Oxford Text Archive
Open Metadata Pathway - AIM25 Consortium
SALDA - Sussex

Museum Projects

Contextual Wrappers - The Fitzwilliam, Cambridge
OpenArt - York

Lessons Learned

Entities and Authorities


Making the Business Case

Metadata Formats