The Team

Team members by organisation


Andy McGregor (Programme Manager) works within the JISC Digital Infrastructure team. Andy's expertise spans digital repositories, the Information Environment, shared infrastructure services and discovery-to-delivery and evaluation. Andy is responsible for coordinating all JISC RDTF activity, and he is working closely with the Mimas team to implement the Management Framework.


Joy Palmer (Project Manager) is Senior Manager for Library and Archival Services at Mimas. She also heads up Marketing and Engagement activity. Joy has a nuanced understanding of the challenges and opportunities for resource discovery across libraries, museums and archives, and speaks and publishes regularly. Her contribution will be focused on developing a highly effective stakeholder engagement strategy, as well as assisting the JISC Programme Manager and Mimas Project Director in managing work areas.

Ross MacIntyre (Senior Advocate – Publishers) is a Senior Manager at Mimas and is leading on the development of the JISC Journal Usage Statistics Portal (JUSP). He has been an elected member of UKSG Main Committee since 2000, providing links to all stakeholders in the scholarly publishing industry. Ross will be contributing to the stakeholder engagement work area, advocating the participation of key publishers and content suppliers.

Diana Massam (Project Coordinator) is a service and project manager at Mimas, with experience in working within complex stakeholder environments and distributed teams. She has a background as a senior manager in University libraries and is currently involved in running various Mimas projects which focus on user requirements and robust communication. Her contribution to the project will be to support project management activity and facilitation of meetings.

Shirley Cousins (Project Researcher) is Copac service manager at Mimas. She has a PhD in library science, and has extensive understanding of library metadata standards and workflows. She is currently working on the Copac re-engineering project, redeveloping the Copac/RLUK databases in line with FRBR recommendations. She will advise on how metadata aggregations can support the business needs of libraries.

Jane Stevenson (Project Researcher) is the Archives Hub service manager at Mimas. She is a registered archivist with substantial experience of cataloguing, implementation of data standards, dissemination and online service provision. She is currently working on the LOCAH project. Her contribution to this project will be her expertise in archival workflows and standards, EAD, and also helping identify the synergies between this project and LOCAH.

Research Libraries UK (RLUK)

David Prosser is Executive Director of RLUK. He will contribute extensive experience to this project, particularly his work as the founding Director of SPARC Europe and his work in publishing (Oxford University Press and Elsevier Science).

Mike Mertens is Deputy Executive Director and Data Services Manager of RLUK. He brings to the project a complex understanding of the current state of aggregation flows in the UK and, particularly, how aggregations can support library workflows. He was a member of the RDTF, and is a member of the Copac and Archives Hub steering groups. In this project, Mike and David will take on support and advocacy roles, and consult with Mimas on how the technical infrastructure can best support the current and future needs of libraries, with attention to how efficiency gains can be made through shared services.


Andy Powell is Research Programme Director at Eduserv. His primary areas of interest include metadata, the Semantic Web and Linked Data; repositories, research data, resource discovery and scholarly communication; and identity and access management. He has also been a member of the Open Archives Initiative technical committee.

Pete Johnston is a Technical Researcher at Eduserv with a particular interest in the use of Semantic Web technologies and the Linked Data approach. Pete is currently working with Mimas and UKOLN for the LOCAH project, where he is involved in the data modelling work, mapping EAD and MODS to RDF. Pete and Andy will consult with Mimas to ensure that the 'Data out' principles are adhered to.

Collections Trust

Nick Poole is CEO of the Collections Trust, which has developed a national aggregation of cultural heritage metadata: Culture Grid. He is an expert adviser in the fields of digitisation, standards, rights management and sustainability. Nick is a member of the Advisory Group and will consult with Mimas on the requirements of the cultural heritage sector as well as how aggregators can work together.

Phill Purdy is formerly Director of the Visual Arts Data Service and Digital Projects Manager at the Museums Libraries and Archives Council. He has acted as Technical Consultant on the SCA BBC CenturyShare project and has been an advisor to many online programmes and projects. Phill is now leading Culture Grid developments at the Collections Trust, and he will consult with Mimas on the technical infrastructure and how aggregations can work together. Phill and Nick will also take on a support and advocacy role for the RDTF project, specifically within the museum sector.

Sero Consulting

David Kay is Strategic Development Director at Sero and has 30 years' experience in education and library/information management systems, including design of large-scale library and archival services. Recently, he has led the SCONUL Shared Services Study and the 2010 Guide to Open Bibliographic Data for the RDTF. He is Project Director for the communications part of this programme and is leading the strand of work on licensing.

Liz Wallis is Managing Director at Sero and a linguist and teacher by training. She has spent almost 20 years managing marketing communications for organisations serving education and the wider public sector. She has a MBA, specialising in Marketing, and is a Member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing (MCIM). In this case, Liz will be project managing the communications activity, with particular responsibility for campaigns and PR.

Helen Harrop is a Senior Researcher at Sero with a background in Social Sciences. She has worked as an Analyst Programmer and a usability specialist, including delivering projects and reports for The Higher Education Academy, EDINA, Intute and the British Library. At The Higher Education Academy, Helen worked with institutions across the sector. Well known on Twitter, Helen will be a member of the communications team.

Domain experts

The core Sero Consulting team is supported by five domain experts selected to play specific roles in the assignment.

Veronica Adamson (Glenaffric) has lectured in applied computing, managed a busy learning resource centre and worked in strategic learning resource development. Her research interests focus mainly on systems thinking, emerging technologies and the role of innovation in professional development. Veronica has been involved in a number of significant JISC, Higher Education Academy and Scottish Funding Council programmes, including the 2007 JISC SCONUL Library Management Systems (LMS) Study.

Jane Plenderleith (Glenaffric) has taught languages at all levels in Higher and Further Education and has held management posts in academic administration, curriculum planning and design. She has diverse research interests including curriculum structures, learning design, technology-enhanced learning strategy and quality frameworks. Jane has been involved in a number of significant JISC, Higher Education Academy and Scottish Funding Council programmes, including the 2007 JISC SCONUL Library Management Systems (LMS) Study.

Ken Chad (Ken Chad Consulting) gained his Master's Degree from the Information Science Department at City University London. He has over 20 years' experience in library systems and has worked with a wide range of academic, research, college, public, corporate and national libraries worldwide. In 2000, Ken worked with EOS on one of the first examples of an integrated Library, Museum and Archives system that encompassed multiple data types and standards. Ken has published articles and presented widely on the strategic impact of technology-driven change, open standards and open data.

Paul Miller (The Cloud of Data) is an Archaeologist by training. With UK software company Talis, Paul was responsible for steering the company's engagement with Open Data, and for funding early work on the Open Data Commons licensing regime. Previously, he directed the work of the Common Information Environment (the precursor to today's Strategic Content Alliance).

Owen Stephens (Owen Stephens Consultancy) has been working in Higher Education library and IT services for over 15 years, having been on the library management teams at Royal Holloway and Imperial College. He has been part of the 'institutional repository' community since his involvement in the 'SHERPA-LEAP' project in 2004 and as Director for the EThOSNet project. Owen is the founder of the Mashed Libraries UK events, which have been engaging developers and library staff to innovate with software.